We can improve, motivate, and refocus your organization through speaking engagements, workshops, and short or long term consultations.

K — 12 Education

Having reformed three public schools and rapidly improving the student success rates of each, AIRO has the qualifications to provide your school/school district with the tools necessary to enhance your student data and create sustainable success.

Post-Secondary Ed.

With many years of experience in Student Affairs, Continuing Education, Financial Aid, and Business Development, AIRO has the perfect team to help enhance your campus department and/or division.


At AIRO, we use our real-world business and business development experience to maximize the true potential of your team members for the greater good of the organization.


• Shifting the urban school paradigm: equal v. equitable
• Building leaders, teachers, and lead teachers
• Improving your school revenue: Treating your building like a Fortune 500 Co.
• Homeside of School: Being all things, to all students, all the time


• Enhancing professional development structure for teachers
• Establishing Project-based Learning curriculum
Improving the use of valuable data in the decision-making process
• Implementing a school mentoring program [corporate to student, staff to student, student to student]


• Understanding middle an high school reform
• Building professional learning communities
• Closing the achievement gap: Making the classroom experience equitable for those that need it the most
• How to involve corporate partners with student coursework and beyond
• Principal leadership academy


• Everything speaks: Serving the student customer
• Using your staff team to maximize student success


• Designing and implementing Student Services 1-stop shop
• Building a minority mentoring program for at-risk students
• Designing an adult education program
• Streamlining back-end processes [Banner]


• Managing enrollment and retention
• Using your strengths to build an effective department and division
• Professional development for Student Affairs practitioners
•. How to effectively conduct a departmental and divisional audit


• How to lead and still enjoy living
• Striving with a purpose
• Everything speaks: Serving the external AND internal customer


• Creating a professional development academy
• Establishing a workplace mentoring program


• Owning your strengths and knowing your role
• How to build a team with generational differences
• Mission & vision development

What Folks Say About Us...

"experience from people who are actually in the field creating programs from the ground up."

- National Mentoring Summit Conference Presentation Review -

“inspiring leadership. Dr. Elaine Swafford is truly a change-agent!"

- School Board Member -

“practical — example-based — inspiring"

- National Mentoring Summit Conference Presentation Review -