About Us

Many years ago, Dr. Elaine Swafford and her team identified many matters within the academic and professional spectrum that needed much attention. Fueled by their years of experience in academia, business/industry, and the military, they have been able to combat complacency and enhance the progression needed to move a given entity forward.

Elaine Swafford Ed.D.


Elaine is a motivational speaker, consultant, educator and co-founder of Airo Educational Consulting. She is passionate, motivating and energetic as a speaker, and social impact change agent. She has worked in the field of education for more than 32 years. Elaine is known for her purposeful, intentional, and unique style of leading, as well as her knowledge, enthusiasm in creating effective reform efforts. She has proven results in school turnaround, as she has successfully lead two different urban schools from low performing to becoming two of the highest performing schools in the state of Tennessee.

"We do not get into this work to become rich, but the work for kids is very rich. The ground is fertile and the disadvantaged children need us to investment in them."

- Elaine Swafford -